Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger Sign ups for March Mommy and Baby Giveaway!!

Kathleen's Blog Spot is planning a Huge Giveaway for March 8st-31th. The theme of the Giveaway is Mommy and Baby. We are putting two baskets together, one boy and one girl. Every participating blogger will be able to include two URL's on the Rafflecopter for a $5.00 fee. Their Facebook URL and a URL of their choice. The giveaway will be promoted on several sites, blogs, facebook and twitter pages. We would like to get about 25 bloggers to participate and include their readers in the giveaway. 
Once fees have been paid, You will receive an email with the HTML for the Rafflecopter as well as the Event Button to share on your blog. I can also give you a pre-written post or you can write your own and include the Rafflecopter. 
All participants will be entered to win a PayPal Prize!

So far Each basket is valued at over $300.00!! 
Some of the prizes are:
  • A gift certificate for the new parents to get 1 free custom photo bottlecap necklace or 2 keychains from Crafty Kate Gone Crazy

  • Baby starter set's. This includes, a sample version of the baby bottom butter, body wash & shampoo, as well as body cream from Stephanie Smith -Only Green

  • Over $50.00 in coupons!

  • Pedicare Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever 2Fl OZ bottle.

  • Shea Moisture Organic Baby Collection

  • Camilia Teething Relief

  • Smooth Radiance Skin Magic

  • Car Seat Id Tags

  • My True Nature Bath and Body Wash and Shampoo

  • Potty Training Dvds

  • AND MORE!!!!!!!!

    I will add more as I purchase them. The baskets will be worth well over $300 each! 
    Please be sure to share this on your social pages as well as blog. The more we get to participate the more readers and fans we can make :)


    1. Hello, I am pretty full on events at this point but I Love baby events and would still like to be seen even if I do not sign up and so if you are another blogger are in need of a prize for this event Please contact me and I may be able to offer you something from my business. Thanks, mommiespr@yahoo.com

      1. Thank you so much Glenda! I just sent you an email and the vendor form! So glad to be including you with this giveaway!